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  • 2015.09.27

    PANASONIC × DIGITAL HOLLYWOOD 4K CINEMA PROJECT. The Official home page of Goldfish is online. Please check it out.images

  • 2014.07.18

    PANASONIC × DIGITAL HOLLYWOOD 4K CINEMA PROJECT. I'm shooting a love story film in this summer with Panasonic. will update more info soon. Thnkas! images

  • 2014.06.23

    雫<SHIZUKU> and Intangible are selected to the Viewster Film Festival in Swizerland. Please vote for my films! Thank you! www.viewster.com/

  • 2014.06.12

    Thank you very much for those who came to the Screening at Shibuya Hikarie. More than 250 people came to the screening and workshop. I hope you enjoyed the event.images

  • 2014.05.12

    Please buy the ticket from here. ADV tickets are limited. Please buy the tickets sooner than later. hikarie.peatix.com

  • 2014.05.12

    Here is the info for the Screening & Workshop Event at Shibuya HIKARIE. images

  • 2014.04.23

    The date of the screening has been re-scheduled to June, 8th. 2014. We'll post more info soon.

  • 2014.04.16

    The special screening is canceled on June 15th. We will post the new date soon. Sorry for any inconvinience.

  • 2014.04.10

    We're having "雫<SHIZUKU> / Intangible Special Screening" at Shibuya Hikarie on June 15th, 2014. We'll post the info soon.

  • 2013.10.02

    We uploadedd the photos of the world premier. Thank you very much for those who came to the event as well as all the staff members who helped us organizing the event. At the end, more than 400 people came to the event for 370 seats. The MC was the ex-NHK broadcaster, Mr. Jun Hori, and Mr. Domenico Giorgi, the Italian Ambassador, set the mood for the event. After the premier, Mr. Elio Orsara, the executive Producer of Shizuku provided us his Catering service, and we had an amazing after party.>>

  • 2013.09.27

    The preview of Instituto Italiano di Cultura, where we screen the films!>>

  • 2013.09.25

    A lunch meeting with Mr. Jun Hori, ex-NHK Newscaster, Mr. Elio Orsara and Mr. Yasuhiro Mikata>>

  • 2013.09.24

    There's a slight change of the time schedule. Please check it out and come a bit earlier. It might take some time at the reception.images

  • 2013.09.15

    Please fill out this form>>

  • 2013.09.13

    Please find the discounted film and banquet tickets from here. >>

  • 2013.09.13

    Mr. Jun Hori, Japan's one of the most famous journalist and newscaster has accepted to be the cordinator for the world premier>>

  • 2013.09.13

    Here's the poster of the 雫<SHIZUKU>/Intangible World Premierimages

  • 2013.09.11

    雫<SHIZUKU>/Intangible World Premier is coming up on Wednesday October 2nd! We'll keep on posted for more info!images

  • 2013.07.01

    "Intangible" has been selected to screen in BISFF Showcase of the 4rd Bangkok International Student Film Festival 2013!Intangible

  • 2013.06.25

    I visited to Double Negative, a VFX Studio in London as a prize of Digital Frontier Grand Prix 2013images

  • 2013.06.15

    The video of the event at Elio Locanda is now on NO BORDER website. *you have to sign up in order to watch the full version. >>

  • 2013.06.13

    Thank you very much for those who helped me with the "Project SHO". It did not reach the goal but I appreciate your corperation. >>

  • 2013.06.01

    Here is the flyer for the 2nd Pre Event at Elio Locanda Italiana!>>

  • 2013.05.31

    Please check out the article on the 2nd pre-event by MSN Sankei, Asahi Digital, Mapion News, Excite News, Yucasee Media, Markezin, Toplancer, Bizloop, Mediajam, JPN Films, Press Finds, Naviz, and PR TIMES>>

    Application Form>>

  • 2013.05.31

    Here's the photo taken at the 1st pre-event at Digital Hollywood Graduate School>>

  • 2013.05.28

    Please check out the article about 雫<SHIZKU>, Intangible on DAILY NOBORDER>>

  • 2013.05.25

    Here is the flyer for the 1st Pre Event!>>

  • 2013.05.23

    Wednesday June 29th, from 8pm to 10:30pm - Muga Miyahara, the Director of Photography is coming to the pre event as a special guest!Muga Miyahara(Please note that he may be late for the event depending of his prior schedule.)

  • 2013.05.12

    Japan Premier 1st Pre-Event at Digital Hollywood Application Form>>

  • 2013.04.27

    "Intangible" has won the Grand Prix and the Best Story at Digital Frontier Grand Prix 2013! >>

  • 2013.04.07

    Digital Frontier Grand Prix 2013 will be held at Yurakucho Asahi Hall. (Intangible is nominated for the competition.)

  • 2013.04.07

    The Crowd Funding project has started.

  • 2013.04.07

    『Project SHO』Official Web Site has opened.

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