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These two short films have been shot in both Japan and the USA, which have a totally different culture to each other. Although both of the films have the same theme, “Family love”, the storyline was altered to reflect each country’s culture, race, and society. While there are a variety of races, religions and cultures in the world, parents’ love towards their children is universal. For parents, their children are a priority no matter where they are. On the other hand children do not seem to be aware of their parents love and it appears that unfortunately the phenomenon is growing globally. The director was one of those children who didn’t acknowledge his parents affection and he would like both children and parents around the globe to watch these films and realize how important family love is.

This is a very new filming project from Sho Fujii, a film director with multi careers as a director, director of photography and photographer in Hollywood. Sho finished a certificate program at UCLA Extension and his thesis film; “Intangible” was awarded “best story” and “best cinematography” at the UCLA screening. He is the first Japanese to receive a finalist certificate in the pitching competition at the MPA CICE film workshop in Beijing. Sho has been receiving increasing recognition in the USA and Asia.

  • Sho Fujii - Director, Writer - Digital Hollywood Graduate School

    After finishing a Directing Certificate Program at UCLA Extension, he worked as a Director, Director of Photography and Photographer in Hollywood. He has shot over 30 film projects including feature films, short films, music videos, TV shows, and Commercials.


    MRSS Top Hat, Top German, Academic Award
    ECC Mayor of Honolulu speech contest 2nd place

    Awarded Best story, Best Cinematography, and Best acting
    MPA CICE International Film Workshop, pitching contest finalist certificate
    Intangible / 雫<SHIZUKU>:
    Digital Hollywood University, Thesis Exhibition President Sugiyama Award
    Won Grand Prix, and the best story at Digital Frontier Grand Prix 2013.


From Presenter

  • Tomoyuki Sugiyama - Founder of Digital Hollywood Co., LTD. and President of Digital Hollywood University / Graduate School

    Born in Tokyo, 1954. Worked as a visiting researcher at MIT Media Lab for 3 years from 1987. After working as the chief researcher at the International Media Research Foundation in 1990 and a full-time instructor at Nihon University Junior College in 1993, established Digital Hollywood Co., LTD. in October, 1994. Opened Digital Hollywood Graduate School (Graduate School of Digital Content) in 2004 which is the first graduate school for specialists run by a corporation in Japan. Opened Digital Hollywood University (School of Digital Communications) in the following year and currently serving as the President of the University. Digital Hollywood University co-established the Department of Design and Creation of Music with Shanghai Conservatory of Music in September 2011. Was appointed as the Dean of the Department.

    Has held positions such as the chairperson of The Fukuoka Contents Industry Hub Promotion Committee, the content enhancement researcher of Intellectual Property Strategy Headquarters, Cabinet Secretariat and others. In 1999, received a special achievement award in the AMD Award of Association of Media in Digital.

Tomoyuki Sugiyama’s comment

Sho Fujii recently graduated from Digital Hollywood University in March 2013. He wrote and directed two short films, “雫<SHIZUKU> (Drop of Water)” and “Intangible” as his thesis projects. He received a certificate in Film Directing at UCLA Extension through our exchange program and learned about practical film making from professional filmmakers in Hollywood. He shot “Intangible” in California, first using his acquired skills and experiences through his study, and then he wrote and shot “雫<SHIZUKU>”in Tokyo based on the devastating nuclear plant disaster in the northern part of Japan. Both films have the same theme “Family love”. Each story is very touching and I believe his specialty is cinematography which will attract a wide audience to his films.

He is trying to submit his work to several film festivals worldwide, and he would like to introduce them to as many people as possible around the globe. He, however, might need to access financial support in order to pursue his goal. I believe he will be a prominent international film director in the near future, and I would like all of you to consider supporting his brilliant talent.

Kind regards,
Tomoyuki Sugiyama


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